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Five Essentials When Building a Commercial Kitchen

Restaurants might have taken an enormous hit during the pandemic, but they are recovering now. The restaurant industry is expected to make about $900 billion in sales this year. It’s about $100 billion away from making the trillion dollars it was to make pre-pandemic, but making $900 billion is still a good sign for the industry.

If you’ve been planning to open a restaurant, now is a good time. There are a lot of open spaces you can buy or rent to start a restaurant. But every restaurant needs a commercial kitchen. So if you’re planning to start one, you’ll need to know how to build a commercial kitchen. Here are some essentials you’ll need when building one.

Shop For the Right Equipment

One of the most important things you’ll need for your commercial kitchen is the right equipment. You’ll need to find a range with six burners, an oven, and a grill. You’ll also need a deep fryer, a charbroiled, and a commercial refrigerator.

Six burners is a pretty small amount considering how much you’ll have to cook, but it’s a good start. Having twelve burners is a good average, though. A deep fryer is a must if you have any fried food on your menu. And a charbroiled is excellent if you’re planning on making any grilled food.

However, you can never skip out on commercial refrigerators and stainless countertops. A commercial refrigerator is a must because it can hold more food than a regular refrigerator. Stainless countertops are vital because they’re easy to clean and durable. If you want to purchase some great stainless countertops, consider looking for an experienced custom metal fabricator to make you one. They can make a stainless countertop that can fit your commercial kitchen. It’s essential if you want to capitalize on the space entirely.

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Ventilation and Exhaust

You’ll need to have a good ventilation and exhaust system for your commercial kitchen. All the cooking you’ll be doing will create a lot of smoke and heat. Smoke from kitchens is a serious health hazard, so you don’t want that smoke and heat to stay in the kitchen, so you’ll need a good ventilation system to get rid of it.

You can either get a hood that goes over your range or get an exhaust fan. If you have a hood, make sure it’s vented to the outside. The fan will remove all the smoke and heat from the kitchen and vent it outside. It’s a good idea to have both, though. That way, you have a backup in case one fails.

Plumbing and drains

You’ll need to have good plumbing and drains for your commercial kitchen. It’s because you’ll be using a lot of water when cooking. You’ll need to have a sink to wash your hands, food, and dishes. You should also have a prep sink where you can prepare food. And you’ll need a dishwashing sink where you can wash dishes.

You’ll also need to have suitable drains. All the water you use will go down the drain, so you need to make sure it will not clog up. You should get a professional to help you with the plumbing and drains for your commercial kitchen. Also, consider having an oil and water separator. It will help you get rid of oil and grease from your drains.

Gas and electricity

You’ll need to have good gas and electricity for your commercial kitchen. This is because all the equipment you’ll be using will need it. You’ll need a good range, an oven, a deep fryer, and a charbroiled. You should also have a commercial refrigerator.

You’ll need to have a lot of outlets too. You’ll need them for all the equipment you’ll be using. You should also have a backup generator in case of a power outage. You don’t necessarily need a big generator for this. A small one will do.

Fire suppression system

You’ll need to have a fire suppression system for your commercial kitchen. This is because cooking can create a lot of heat and fires. You should have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. You should also have a fire suppression system connected to the gas line.

When building a fire suppression system, you should get a professional to help you. Moreover, consider using sprinklers and automatic shut-off valves. They can help prevent fires from spreading and causing damage to your kitchen.

When you’re building your commercial kitchen, these are some essentials you’ll need. Make sure you have all of them before you start cooking. Otherwise, you might not be able to open your restaurant.

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